'By and for men and women of goodwill'

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Here is a short selection of poems from the current issue.
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Perfect Perfection

Everything’s so perfectly perfect,
On that we should constantly reflect.
Perfect was all that happened in the past,
And the present’s perfect, while it lasts.
The future will be perfectly perfect too,
Why? Sages pose this question just for you.
Because all’s preordained by loving God,
For the growth of our souls, however odd.
This world’s a field of preordained fate,
Which explains world’s dramatic state.
We view it horizontally as on a screen,
Consciousness feeds us with each scene.
Vertically its a progress from birth to death,
But there’s no death once we take in breath.
We’re reborn until Self Realisation,
The promised bliss of Liberation.
We must try to will the state we’re in right now,
Because it’s all God’s Will; but don’t ask how?
His mighty Will must be trusted by us all.
Then there’s peace from which we never fall.
So hand over the burden of all mind’s cares,
Freedom belongs to he or she who dares,
That’s the subject of this verse reflection,
So ponder on perfection in this direction.


The Eternal Now

The moment you took to read this line has gone.
The moment yet to manifest will come.
Will you spend it reading to the end?
Will you stop and take up your own pen?
The past weighs heavy on the wings of now;
What is to be becomes what’s been before.
The sun will rise tomorrow and the moon
Will wax and wane and you will bleed again.
But this is not the way it has to be:
Not for those whose consciousness is free.
The moment after this is up to you,
Restricted only by the scope of your
Original conception – imagination
Is the cauldron where the magic stirs
And bursts your secret musings into life!
The eternal now is in your divine hands;
Shape it to your will and watch the earth
Transmogrify into your silent dream.
Your own idea’s all you need: but then
Perhaps you did not read right to the end.


The Universal Secret

I went to have audience with the Sage;
And sat at his feet; as at the feet of Gamaliel.
He knew why I was there – even before I asked:
“What is the secret of the Universe?
Why are we here?”
He smiled and deigned to answer as if amused.
“Think on this,” he said.
“Everything is GOD. There is nothing else!
And we are here to further his glory – in some
                                                     humble way!”
Whereupon, he closed his eyes to meditate.
The darshan was over – but I sensed
That it had really only just begun!


*The Wisdom Of The Earthkeepers
(The Laika people of the Amazon)

All is as intended.
You are where you are meant to be.
If this presents a problem
Approach it differently.

The serpent lives by instinct
And is limited though unfurled.
You are more than serpent.
Explore your vaster world.

By feelings and mind the jaguar
Is earthly, swift and sure.
You are more than jaguar.
Your feelings and mind can soar.

Hummingbird’s beauty lifts the soul.
Let your beauty be expressed
That you may uplift many others.
And cause them to feel blessed.

The eagle conquers mountains,
Made strong by fledgling flights.
Cultivate your spirit
And achieve your greatest heights.

* According to the scientist, healer and mystic,
Jude Currivan, many native elders of indigenous
peoples around the world believe this is the long-awaited time when the wisdom and knowledge Enshrined in their traditions will provide valuable Insights for those lost in the modern wilderness.